Plug-in solution for NFT marketplaces

Erdstall is the perfect plug-in solution to build your NFT marketplace on.

Easy onboarding

Users can be onboarded without any blockchain interaction which makes the process simple and efficient.

Zero fee minting

Using the Erdstall technology, NFTs can be minted off-chain, meaning users don’t have to spend any gas fees to mint an NFT. 

Security by design

Erdstall leverages trusted execution environments (TEEs) that secure every transaction and make sure no manipulation or double spending takes place. Users can further verify that the software run within the TEE has not been altered on a bytecode level.

Trustless marketplace operator

The Operator of a marketplace does not need to be trusted as users can rely on the secure transactions created by the TEE.

Erdstall Trading engine

Zero gas fee trading

Allow your users to trade NFTs without any gas fees within the marketplace.

Transfer NFTs on-chain

Allow your power users to transfer their NFTs on-chain.

Massive performance

No bootlenecks as Erdstall provides 2000+ TX/s.

Runs on top of Ethereum mainnet

Erdstall runs on top of the Ethereum mainnet as a 2nd layer solution to provide interoperability with other Dapps.