NFTs for Awesome Game Mechanics

Gaming thrives with growing interaction on different layers. We develop infrastructure that allows smooth NFT integration into game mechanics and efficient, gas-free transactions.

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In-Game NFTs

Make your games impactful. Ownership of in-game goods can be taken to a whole new level. Players' interactions in your game can influence their actual inventory.

Empower Communities

Give your community and players real rights over their items and let them know the item's statistics and history. See how skilled and famous players and their bounties shape in-game events and markets. Influencers have only just begun to influence.

Massive Performance, Low Latency at 0 Gas Costs

Nifty Erdstall allows you to scale NFT interactions trustlessly without having bounded performance. A complex set of interactions requires lots of transactions.  Erdstall can perform interactions swiftly without gas costs and connect to decentralized systems of your choice. 

Seamless On- and Offboarding​

Did someone just get absolutely lucky and obtained an item so valuable that they want to trade it on a broader audience? No problem. Take the NFT on-chain and trade it on a public NFT marketplace to obtain a good price. This NFT can be taken back into Erdstall at any time to be available in-game.

Secure and Trustless

Running on a TEE makes our solution secure. Anyone can verify that the running software has not been altered on a bytecode level, so there is no trust required.