Instant Free Scaling Transactions on Ethereum

Create your marketplace on the second layer of blockchains

Erdstall allows massive scaling of blockchain solutions by leveraging on-chain smart contracts and a confidential & trustless off-chain prover running inside a Trusted Execution Environment!

Technology tailored towards your needs

From industry and NFTs, to DeFi and Gaming

Zero Gas Costs

Zero Gas Costs

Massive savings for users without expensive on-chain checkpoints

High Performance

High Performance

Over 2000 transactions per second

Proven Security

Proven Security

Funds are always secure with trustless operators

Support for arbitrary smart contracts

Support for arbitrary smart contracts

Accelerate all applications not only payments

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Integrate Erdstall easily into your existing project

Privacy by default

Privacy by default

Transaction are handled discretely

Comparison with scaling Technologies

Features Erdstall Plasma Rollups Perun
Zero Gas Fees

High Performance

Arbitrary Smart Contracts

No On-Chain Checkpoints

No Collateral

Instant Finality

Our Roadmap

  • Q2/2021 Trade Tokens & NFTs (DONE)

    Easily trade fungible as well as non-fungible tokens with 0 fees

  • Q3/2021 Launch Nifty Demo (DONE)

    NFT art marketplace demo on Goerli testnet to showcase the Erdstall SDK

  • Q4/2021 Launch Erdstall SDK (DONE)

    Easily integrate our solution into your project

  • Q3/2022 - Mainnet deployment

    With global operator

  • Q4/2022 Secure Enclave

    With Side-Channel attack resistance


    Horizontal scaling of operators for even more performance

  • Q3/2023 Arbitrary Smart Contract Support

    EVM execution inside enclave

Join us and make blockchains ready for mass adoption.

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