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Unlock the next frontier with Multichain Erdstall. Experience unparalleled security and seamless interchain transactions like never before.

With Erdstall as the infrastructure for a gasless application layer, you can launch your collection, game or web3 experience today, without any commitment to a specific ecosystem. Experience the freedom of offboarding everywhere.


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Case Study: Ajuna & Cross-Chain Gaming NFTs

Ajuna Network is a Switzerland-based decentralized gaming platform that brings blockchain gaming into the mainstream by integrating on-chain functionality with the world’s leading development engines, Unreal and Unity. Built on Substrate, Ajuna leverages the full potential of the Polkadot ecosystem to provide developers with unprecedented flexibility to handle gaming infrastructure on-chain. Ajuna’s ultimate goal is to create real value for both players and creators by enabling true digital ownership of game assets and shaping the future of gaming.

Ajuna Network, which is live with their canary network on Bajun, is pleased to announce its partnership with PolyCrypt to introduce a cutting-edge TEE-based bridge and marketplace for NFTs. This pioneering solution enables seamless transfers of NFTs between the Polkadot ecosystem and other networks, beginning with Ethereum, while maintaining the security and integrity of the digital assets.

This partnership combines PolyCrypt’s proficiency in applied cryptography and blockchain research with Ajuna’s expertise in developing blockchain gaming infrastructure, making them an ideal team to tackle this challenge.

Cédric Decoster, founder and CEO of Ajuna Network, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with PolyCrypt, a prominent blockchain provider, to develop a chain-agnostic blockchain gaming infrastructure. With unparalleled experiences and privacy, players can now genuinely own and trade in-game assets in an open and free market. Our aim is to offer endless possibilities for gamers to discover, create and connect in a world they adore. This partnership will help us achieve our objective.”


Growing Backend Support

Erdstall is currently used to bridge EVM-chains with Polkadot. But our reach is growing and soon, Erdstall can come to your ecosystem, too!

Empower Communities

Give your community and players real rights over their items and let them know the item's statistics and history. See how skilled and famous players and their bounties shape in-game events and markets. Influencers have only just begun to influence.

Massive Performance, Low Latency at 0 Gas Costs

Erdstall allows you to scale NFT interactions trustlessly without having bounded performance. A complex set of interactions requires lots of transactions.  Erdstall can perform interactions swiftly without gas costs and connect to decentralized systems of your choice. 

Seamless On- and Offboarding​

Did someone just get absolutely lucky and obtained an item so valuable that they want to trade it on a broader audience? No problem. Take the NFT on-chain and trade it on a public NFT marketplace to obtain a good price. This NFT can be taken back into Erdstall at any time to be available in-game.

Secure and Trustless

Running on a TEE makes our solution secure. Anyone can verify that the running software has not been altered on a bytecode level, so there is no trust required.